Dinner Menu


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Tuna Avocado Salsa / 13
Chopped Ahi tuna, avocado, tomato, plantain chips


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Mizuna Salad / 12
Japanese mustard greens, wasabi-ginger citrus dressing, soy-sesame burdock root and carrot, shichimi 7 spice


Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps / 11
Crispy pork belly, apple yuzu jam, spicy miso, pickled red onion, red-leaf lettuce


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Tuna Carpaccio / 12
Lightly seared wild albacore tuna, soy plum olive oil dressing, wasabi-arugula puree, dried cherry tomatoes


Karaage / 11
Boneless Japanese style fried chicken


Ebi Mayo Tempura / 13
Tempura-battered prawns, spicy mayo sauce


Japanese Arancini / 10
Deep-fried halibut risotto balls with B.C. trout carpaccio, capers, dill aioli


Edamame / 5
Hapa’s original marinated chilled soybeans


Kimchi / 5
House made spicy pickled Korean cabbage

Hot Tapas

hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Halibut Tacos / MP
Beer battered halibut, house made maple bacon, shoestring potatoes, roasted jalapeño ailoi


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Gindara Sable Fish / 15
Miso marinated baked cod, butter sautéed snap peas and carrots


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Sizzling Wagyu / 16
Self-seared American Kobe Wagyu beef, ponzu sauce, green onion, house-made garlic chips


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Beef Short Ribs / 15
Grilled AAA beef short ribs, apple soy marinade, jalapeño coleslaw


Wagyu Meatballs / 14
Wagyu beef, king oyster mushrooms, pine nuts, sesame seeds, onion, garlic, with maple teriyaki sauce


Steak and Frites / 16
6 oz medium-rare striploin, shichimi fries, teriyaki maple bourbon dip


Ishiyaki (hot stone rice bowl) / 12
Seasonal Feature


Feature Ramen / MP
Seasonal Feature


Bao / MP
Seasonal Feature

hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Ocean Wise 

Hapa is proud to offer ocean-friendly seafood choices. All wild seafood, not farmed.

Gluten Free | GF

Hapa Izakaya is proud to provide gluten free dishes.

Pressed Sushi

hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-smallLobster Roll / 18
Cabbage, cucumber, shiso futomaki, 4oz chopped lobster tail, salsa, green onion, miso mayo, teriyaki sauce


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-smallSushi Bites / 18
Dynamite, B.C Salmon, fish & chips and bacon & scallop


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-smallFire Cracker Oshisushi / 15
Albacore Tuna, cucumber, tempura bits, Tobiko with spicy mayo


hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-smallSaba Bien / 12
Mackerel, cucumber, ginger, shiso futomaki, ratatouille topping


Wagyu Oshisushi / 17
American Kobe beef, soy garlic butter

hapa-izakaya-ocean-wise-extra-small Sashimi 

Sockeye Salmon


Ahi Tuna

Feature Fish


We offer a family style Prix Fixe menu for 2 or 4-16.
This menu allows our patrons to taste a collection of our favourites and our seasonal menu items.


Call us for inquires and to make your reservation today.


We put our own twist on dessert with Japanese ingredients and modern techniques.

Ice Cream (per scoop) / 4
Hapa’s house made Ice cream
Flavors – Sesame, Matcha, feature flavor, feature sorbet


Matcha Crème Brûlée / 7
Green tea crème brûlée

Drink Specials

Every day we have a different drink special so you have an excuse to come all week.


All bar rail and highballs / 5


1/2 price bottle Wine & Sake (750ml)


Draught Day
Sapporo, West Coast IPA, Original Organic, 100th Meridian, Hapa After Dark
Glass (16oz) / 5
Batch: 1904 Cider glass  / 6


Sho Chiku Bai Sake (750ml) / 29
Sapporo Pitcher (2L) / 16


Sake Flight
Three kinds of Sake, 1 oz each (3oz) / 10


Cocktail Shooters
4 shots (4oz) / 20
Red Dragon, Sakura, Mr. Miyagi, Japple Pie


Cocktail Funday
All signature Hapa cocktails/ 10

If you have any questions about any allergies or ingredients feel free to give us a call.